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Orientation & Guided Tour

Moving to a new country can be a stressful experience.

Your employee is starting a new job and life in Luxembourg and doesn’t know much about the country or the best places to live according to his lifestyle and work location.


LuxRelo is here to show him around Luxembourg main residential areas as well as schools, shopping & sport centers. Getting to know the future environment is important and relieves some stress from the assignee. We also provide information about the neighborhood, public transportation, shops...or most general questions the assignee might have.

During the tour we also explain the housing market as well as the housing rules and conditions. We can also visit one or two properties to give the assignee an idea of housing in Luxembourg.

Employee Benefits

  • Welcome Pack

  • Discussion with the employees to identifies their needs.

  • Customized orientation tour of Luxembourg based on the requirements discussed in the pre-orientation consultation.

  • We provide rental market, housing, Real Estate market, demographic, economic and lifestyle information.

  • We Advice transferee on areas requested based on client lifestyle, budget, etc.


Corporate Account Benefits

  • The employees have a clear view of Luxembourg and will be able to make an informed decision.

  • It helps the employees to manage their expectations.

  • Relieves this burden from Human Resources as the dedicated Relocation Specialist will provide information about rental markets, housing, demographic and economic in specified areas.

  • Helps the employees to settle quickly and comfortably into their new communities and surroundings, enabling them to focus on their jobs and productivity.

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