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Managing Work Permits and Immigration in Luxembourg is time consuming for HR. We are here to assist

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

While recruiting/moving staff across borders is common, managing work permits and immigration is time consuming for HR.

Using the services of a Relocation Company makes it easier for the HR department that can concentrate on more valuable tasks. We are here to assist the employee during the whole process and act on his behalf as much as we can.

Every third-country national (i.e. a national from a country which is not an EU Member States or a country treated as such - Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) requires an authorization to stay and then a residence permit if they:

  • Either reside abroad and intend to set up residence in Luxembourg to carry out a salaried activity

  • Or already legally reside in Luxembourg without having worked there and wish to carry out a salaried activity

  • Or already legally reside and work in Luxembourg but intend to carry out a profession or work in an area of activity for which they are not yet duly authorised.

EU Residence Authorization Application

  • EU Citizens do not need to have a work permit to work in Luxembourg and to obtain a residence permit

  • Registration at the new town hall of residence for the employee & his family, and assistance to obtain all the documents and certificates (we can assist with someone to translate documents when needed

​Third Country Nationals:

  • Immigration Assistance (Visa / Work Permits)Information on documents and certificates needed

  • Assistance with the application form to be submitted to the MinistryRegular follow up as the process can take time

  • Initial registration at the new town hall of residence

  • Medical visit

  • Application for residency permit

  • Final registration at the town hall​

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