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Importing a vehicle from outside the EU when moving to Luxembourg

Documents Needed for Customs Clearance

  • Original certificate of title

  • Copy of purchase invoice

  • Copy of insurance certificate from country of origin

  • Customs form "Demande d’importation en franchise conditionnelle des droits à l’importation et de la TVA pour : les véhicules automobiles à usage privé". Form to be completed and signed by shipper, using same signature as on passport. By signing this form, shipper will state that he will not sell the car for money or for free during a period of 12 months after the importation

Conditions for Free Entry (tax/duty free)

  • Must be part of a relocation/move

  • Shipper has to be the owner of the car since at least six months and car has to be at least 6000km

  • Leasing: If customer import a car that he had abroad under a leasing contract, he needs to provide: - copy of leasing contract under his name - copy of the buying back of the car under his name.

If customer has a leasing contract under his employer’s name he may have problem to import the car tax/duty free, unless the buying back contract is under customer’s name and is more then 6 months from date of purchase and date of registration in Luxembourg.

Customer has only 12 months from the date of registration in Luxembourg to import a car without any taxes.

In order to clear the vehicle, the private individual, self-employed person or representative of a company must go to a Customs office in person with the vehicle and obtain a 705 sticker to register the vehicle.

Tax Stamp

  • To register a vehicle, the owner must purchase a so-called tax stamp (droit de chancellerie or timbre de chancellerie) in the amount of EUR 50.

  • The stamp can be purchased from one of the relevant offices of the Indirect Tax Authority (Administration de l’enregistrement et des domaines), or the tax can be paid by bank transfer to the following bank office account number: LU09 1111 7026 5281 0000. If paying by bank transfer, the future owner must submit proof of payment (notification of debit) at the time of registration.

  • Tax stamps are also available from the SNCA Registration department: . An additional EUR 3 is payable on top of the standard tax stamp.


All vehicle circulating on Luxembourg road must be insured with a Luxembourg insurance company. It must be insured with a minimum of third party insurance to cover vehicle damage. Other insurance coverage like theft, fire, vandalism are options, but can be covered in a comprehensive option called Assurance Casco. You will be provided with acar insurance slip, called the green card (carte verte), it must be kept in your car at all times as proof of insurance.

Technical Inspection (MOT)

Vehicles registered in Luxembourg must be covered by a valid certificate of technical inspection.

All motor vehicles, trailers and articulated lorries subject to registration and driven in Luxembourg must pass a periodic technical inspection.This check is carried out at a precise frequency by one of the approved technical inspection bodies in Luxembourg: the Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile (SNCA) or DEKRA.

Motor Vehicle Registration

When a foreign-registered vehicle is registered in Luxembourg, it must be declared to the National Society of Automotive Traffic (SNCA) by submitting the following documents:

  • An application for a registration certificate, completed and signed;

  • The tax stamp(s);

  • The bill of sale, if needed;

  • Proof of valid insurance;

  • The customs document;

  • The foreign registration documents;

  • A valid technical inspection certificate for vehicles subject to regular technical inspection;

Original copies of all required documents must be produced.

If the vehicle is not covered by a European certificate of conformity—for example, the vehicle originating outside the European Union—or if the documents attesting to the vehicle's conformity are incomplete or show inconsistencies, a vehicle conformity check will be required. By submitting the administrative documents, owners can register vehicles with the Luxembourg authorities and obtain a vehicle registration certificate in their own name.

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