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Entrepreneurial Insights from Xavier Buck: Navigating the Startup Scene in Luxembourg

Silicon Luxembourg Startup Apero #40 was a recent event sponsored by LuxRelo, animated by Charles Louis and Xavier Buck from EuroDNS as the guest speaker.

During his discussion, Xavier shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship in Luxembourg and the lessons he has learned along the way.

Xavier, a tech-passionate entrepreneur, comes from a family of entrepreneurs and he believes that his entrepreneurial spirit is in his genes. He emphasizes the importance of being hands-on and not being afraid to take risks, as this is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart.

Xavier is the co-founder of Data Center Luxembourg and EuroDNS, and he shared the story of how these companies came to be. He explained that Data Center Luxembourg was created to offer web hosting for companies developing their online offers, and EuroDNS was the first company to offer the possibility of registering domains for the whole of Europe.

Although Xavier acknowledges that he is not great at leading people, he has found success by focusing on his tech skills and partnering with the right people.

He also shared his thoughts on the early days of the internet, when there were many opportunities for entrepreneurs.

He emphasized the importance of having complementary people on your team to cover all aspects of your business.

Xavier advised entrepreneurs to always look at where there is a problem to solve to be able to offer solutions and added value, but also to automate the processes as much as possible.

He also shared how he grew EuroDNS internationally by buying small competitors and integrating them to achieve economies of scale. He acknowledged that sometimes local brands are so strong that it is difficult to impose a new name, but he is always on the lookout for new technologies to explore.

Finally, Xavier's message to entrepreneurs was that Luxembourg is a great place to be for those looking to establish a hub for international business. The government is making it easier for entrepreneurs, and although Luxembourg is small, it has many advantages.

In conclusion, Xavier Buck's talk at LuxRelo's sponsored Silicon Luxembourg Startup Apero #40 was a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from his experiences and gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship in Luxembourg.

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