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IMMIGRATION UPDATE: Change in Minimum Wage to Apply for an EU Blue Card Work Permit in Luxembourg

Please be informed that there has been a modification of the minimum wage for obtaining the EU Blue (Highly Qualified Worker) work permit:

➡️ IT related jobs (see below): 62.668,80 EURO gross per year (2019) ➡️ Other highly qualified jobs: 78.336,00 EURO gross per year (2019)


Third-country nationals must meet the following requirements first when applying for an EU Blue Card work permit:

➡️ Hold a valid passport; ➡️ Check whether or not they have to obtain a visa to enter the Schengen area; ➡️ Satisfy the conditions of higher professional qualification, i.e.: ➡️ Have an employment contract of one year at least for highly qualified work; ➡️ Have an offer for a remuneration:

  • At least equivalent to 1.5 times the amount of the Luxembourg average gross annual salary (EUR 78,336 in 2019); or

  • At least equivalent to 1.2 times the Luxembourg average gross annual salary (EUR 62,668.80 in 2019) for work in one of the following professions and for which the government has noticed a particular need to employ third-country nationals: - Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians; - Systems analysts; - Software developers; - Web and multimedia developers; - Applications programmers; - Software and application developers and analysts, multimedia developers not listed elsewhere; - Database designers and administrators; - Systems administrators; - Computer network professionals; - Database and network professionals not elsewhere classified;

  • Show a document proving that they possess the high professional qualifications required for the activity or sector mentioned in the employment contract, or that they meet the requirements to carry out the regulated profession indicated in the employment contract.


For more informations on EU Blue cards or other work permits in Luxembourg, please contact me: - You can also check our website:

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