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Important Update: Change in Min. Annual Salary Requirement for EU Blue Card Applicants in Luxembourg

The EU Blue Card is a work permit that allows highly skilled non-EU citizens to live and work in member states of the European Union.

One of the requirements for obtaining an EU Blue Card was that the applicant must have a job offer with a minimum annual gross salary of at least €83,628 (highly skilled workers) or €66,902 for specific IT sectors.

However, this requirement has recently changed for applicants in Luxembourg.

Effective immediately, the minimum annual gross salary requirement for EU Blue Card applicants in Luxembourg has been increased to

84'780 € for Highly Qualified Workers

67'824 € for workers in shortage occupation (use below link for more info)

The following professions and for which the government has noticed a particular need to employ third-country nationals:

  • mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians;

  • systems analysts;

  • software developers;

  • web and multimedia developers;

  • application programmers;

  • software and application developers and analysts, multimedia developers not listed elsewhere;

  • database designers and administrators;

  • system administrators;

  • computer network professionals;

  • database and network professionals not classified elsewhere;

This change reflects the increase in the cost of living in Luxembourg and ensures that individuals holding an EU Blue Card can maintain a reasonable standard of living in the country.

This change may affect individuals who are currently in the process of applying for an EU Blue Card in Luxembourg or who are planning to do so in the future. It is important to take this change into account when considering an application for an EU Blue Card in Luxembourg.

Overall, the EU Blue Card is an important tool for attracting highly skilled workers to the European Union and supporting the economic growth of member states. The increase in the minimum annual gross salary requirement for Luxembourg is a necessary adjustment to ensure that individuals holding an EU Blue Card are able to live and work in the country comfortably.

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