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Luxembourg EU Blue Card Immigration Update

Please find below the updated minimum remuneration to apply for an EU Blue Card work permit in Luxembourg:

  • At least equivalent to 1.5 times the amount of the Luxembourg average gross annual salary (EUR 83,628); or

  • At least equivalent to 1.2 times the Luxembourg average gross annual salary (EUR 66,902.40) for work in one of the following professions and for which the government has noticed a particular need to employ third-country nationals:

✅ mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians;

✅ systems analysts;

✅ software developers;

✅ web and multimedia developers;

✅ application programmers;

✅ software and application developers and analysts, multimedia developers not listed elsewhere;

✅ database designers and administrators;

✅ system administrators;

✅ computer network professionals;

✅ database and network professionals not elsewhere classified;


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