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Employer's Representative in France

Temporary Assignment of Employees in France by a

Foreign Transport Company

Code des transports : articles R1331-1 à R1331-8 

LuxRelo can assist you by providing this service through our owner in France


A company whose head office is located abroad may temporarily post workers in France for a specific assignment. Every employer established outside France providing a service on French territory must submit a prior declaration of transnational posting to the Labour Inspectorate of the place of delivery prior to starting the work.

Any employer established abroad appointing a representative in France must do so in writing and in French, stating the following information:

  • Name, surname, date and place of birth,

  • Electronic and postal address in France,

  • Acceptance by the applicant of his designation,

  • Duration of the designation,

  • The place where the documents are kept.

The representative (représentant) must:

  • Accomplish the formalities in respect of the French Labour Inspectorate, the police and the gendarmerie, as well as in respect of the tax and customs authorities.

  • Make the documents available for inspection by the French Labour Inspectorate.

Information from the French Ministry of Transport:

Document to be downloaded:


Employer's Representative in France

(Représentant de l'Employeur en France)

190,00 € + VAT per company per month

Engagement period of 18 months with an invoice per 6 months payable in advance

Additional hours worked

(eg request from the French authorities)


 30,00 € + VAT per hour

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