To better serve our customers, at LuxRelo we have to constantly rethink and improve our processes... This is why we set up some partnerships with key providers. 

There’s a Better Way to Move People for Work​

Relocation and global mobility management software come together to help your organisation hire, welcome and retain people for work globally.

HR Environment:

ReloTalent provides all the tools you need to implement your international mobility programs from start to finish. Reduce your administrative tasks and speed up the mobility of your employees.

Your information is managed securely and is accessible in a single space. You access automated task lists, task and process reminders, all within a fully compliant system.


Assignee Environment:

ReloTalent empowers companies to significantly increase employee satisfaction and retention as part of their international mobility programs.​


Enabling Everyone to Enjoy Learning, Achieving Doing and Being More...

We've got a real passion for what we do and it shows in the quality of our Coaching Programmes, the energy in our Workshops and the Commitment to the success of everyone we engage with.

With Clients in 27 Countries and offices in the UK and Luxembourg we've worked with people in businesses as diverse as Martial Arts, Investment Banking and Recruitment to Manufacturing, Wholesaling and Night Clubs.

Every Programme and Workshop is designed to suit your specific needs, so whether you are a small company with big ambitions or a large company with a team to inspire - we have a product for you that will enable you to dramatically improve your results.​

Speak with Confidence


Shops, restaurants, cafés, parks, historical monuments such as the Grand Ducal Palace - these all characterize the heart of Luxembourg. And this is exactly where you will find our Berlitz Language Center: in Grand-Rue, the city's main shopping street. The Berlitz Language Center has optimal public transport links and is moreover, easily accessible by bike or car.

The team of international language instructors provides you with what makes Berlitz so special: language and culture - quickly and successfully learned using the world famous Berlitz Method®. Lessons take place in bright and friendly rooms. You will feel at home in the pleasant and professional atmosphere of their Language Center.

The range of courses in Luxembourg includes group and individual courses for adults and children.  

Courses can also be done online.


Empowering You Through Global Immigration Knowledge

Immiguru is a web-based database containing 1379 processes to 102 countries checked by 

300 independent immigration service providers around the world.

Why Immiguru? : Save Time and Money

Immiguru software stores and manages extensive global immigration data so that you don't have to. All of your employees, wherever they are in the world, can have access to accurate, consistent and clear immigration data for multiple countries. Empower your staff to deal with immigration matters efficiently and effectively without incurring hefty legal bills or wasting valuable time.​

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The job market is changing. 

How do you adapt your job search?

Finding what's right for you goes way beyond checking boxes on a job description


For further information please contact us:​​​

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A successful transition to another country and culture does not take place in a day. 


It is a process which requires support.  I am a trilingual (French, English, Mandarin Chinese) ICF certified coach specialized in expatriation coaching for managers and their spouses. 


I offer sessions to raise my clients’ cultural and emotional intelligence and help them thrive in a new work environment and develop positive relationships.  


The first half hour session is complimentary.

Fox Drinks Luxembourg was founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Catherine Hoffmann & Pierre Beck. 


Catherine & Pierre follow an active, social lifestyle and have dreamed of enjoying quality drinks without compromise and without unnecessary extra calories, carbohydrates & sugars.

FOX Premium Pils has been officially launched in September 2016 and is the first calorie-reduced "low-carb" lager beer in Luxembourg.

We decided to name our brand "Fox" because it is pronounced exactly the same in different languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English, etc.


In addition, a fox is a very clever and gregarious animal. (Proverb: "as sly as a fox".) We like to define our end consumers as clever too because they enjoy the same taste as an average pilsner beer, but without the unnecessary extra calories, carbs and sugars.


The Best for the Greatest

Leopard was born from the idea to create a unique refreshing drink with only the best ingredients from a 100% natural source. It was set to create a brand we believe and trust in to have an authentic and meaningful lifestyle. For people on the move, for those looking for a more health conscious drink, for those looking for great unrecognizable taste Leopard Natural is the right choice.

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Free from artificial aromas

  • No added sugar

  • No artificial colorings

  • No Conservatives

  • Caffeine free

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We make transferring your money abroad simple


And whether you're online, using our app, or speaking to your friendly account manager, getting more for your money is our priority. The simple way to transfer money abroad.

We want to make your money transfer as easy as we can, and we want to get you the best exchange rate possible. Unlike banks, we don’t believe in transfer fees, and think that sending money across the globe should be one of the easiest things you can do.

We’ve been continuously improving our services since we launched in 1996. We’ve not only developed an award-winning online money transfer service, but have also made the best money transfer app in the market, opened 21 branches worldwide, and have built a team of dedicated currency experts who are ready to help you with your currency needs


Why you should join the ACL

Benefit from a care-free mobility in Luxembourg and Europe and profit from a wide range of exclusive services that allow you to save time and money.

Become a member of one of the most diverse organizations in mobility matters, with 175.000 members.

Thanks to its competent assistance and guidance services, the ACL guarantees its member's mobility, no matter when nor the type of locomotion.

  • Mobility, any time, anywhere

  • Emergency assistance - 24/7, every day of the year

  • Travel and tourism services for your relaxed leisures

  • Expert know-how from checking the vehicle, automobile sport and oldtimer specialists, to legal advice.

  • Exclusive discounts with our partners all around the world.

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