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Stéphane is really professional and patient even though the whole process was taking so long due to the overwhelming from Immigration office. All the documents and instructions were given clearly and in details. He went with me on every steps when arriving at Luxembourg from start to finish. I really appreciate his help. Highly recommend LuxRelo for any expat relocating to come to Luxembourg


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The team was friendly, helpful and informative and provided excellent support to me in relocating to Luxembourg.

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I did select a lot of flats on the website by myself...helping a lot I guess the LuxRelo search. I did just 3 visits in the end...The flat selected was not having significant alternatives available at the moment of the choice. LuxRelo support and planning always qualified, expert and prompt. No big deal faced in the procedure. Quite satisfying outcome.

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Thank you David Soum

David Soum was very helpful and supportive accompanying us during the search for a new home procedure. Thank you David!

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Minka's support has been stellar

Minka's support has been stellar. We have been relocating already many time and used a number of other agency. This time the experience has been simply amazing.

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Good Service

Good service, highly recommended

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Fantastic experience

Fantastic experience, couldn’t ask for more. Getting an apartment in Luxembourg is quite different and nontrivial relative to the United States. Without the guidance of my Luxrelo agent, the entire process would have been unrealistically stressful and chaotic, but having someone point out everything that needs to be done and by when is priceless.

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Lux Residency....

The experience was long and not transparent, in part due to the lux government during COVID. Other than that the team was helpful and responsive organizing documents and appointments needed to facilitate the residency.

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Very good experience overall ....

Very good experience overall. We got all the support we needed. Not only were they helpful and flexible but also friendly and understanding throughout the way.

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Smoothly negotiating the Luxembourg rental market...

Luxrelo were hired by my company to assist with a rental home search in Luxembourg. David Soum was assigned my case and thanks to his expertise and attention to detail, the experience of finding an apartment was only a little stressful, and instead, kind of exciting. He helped with navigating the market and led a fantastic search and an intense viewing day, despite the difficulties of finding places that accept a pet. He clarified the rental procedure and payments, he negotiated the language barriers, the contracts associated with the apartment, and made a complex procedure very smooth. I am in my new flat since one day now and sincerely thank him for his help!

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Great professionals, quick & effective, with a nice human touch.