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The team was friendly, helpful and informative and provided excellent support to me in relocating to Luxembourg.

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I did select a lot of flats on the website by myself...helping a lot I guess the LuxRelo search. I did just 3 visits in the end...The flat selected was not having significant alternatives available at the moment of the choice. LuxRelo support and planning always qualified, expert and prompt. No big deal faced in the procedure. Quite satisfying outcome.

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Thank you David Soum

David Soum was very helpful and supportive accompanying us during the search for a new home procedure. Thank you David!

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Minka's support has been stellar

Minka's support has been stellar. We have been relocating already many time and used a number of other agency. This time the experience has been simply amazing.

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Good Service

Good service, highly recommended

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Fantastic experience

Fantastic experience, couldn’t ask for more. Getting an apartment in Luxembourg is quite different and nontrivial relative to the United States. Without the guidance of my Luxrelo agent, the entire process would have been unrealistically stressful and chaotic, but having someone point out everything that needs to be done and by when is priceless.

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Lux Residency....

The experience was long and not transparent, in part due to the lux government during COVID. Other than that the team was helpful and responsive organizing documents and appointments needed to facilitate the residency.

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Very good experience overall ....

Very good experience overall. We got all the support we needed. Not only were they helpful and flexible but also friendly and understanding throughout the way.

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Smoothly negotiating the Luxembourg rental market...

Luxrelo were hired by my company to assist with a rental home search in Luxembourg. David Soum was assigned my case and thanks to his expertise and attention to detail, the experience of finding an apartment was only a little stressful, and instead, kind of exciting. He helped with navigating the market and led a fantastic search and an intense viewing day, despite the difficulties of finding places that accept a pet. He clarified the rental procedure and payments, he negotiated the language barriers, the contracts associated with the apartment, and made a complex procedure very smooth. I am in my new flat since one day now and sincerely thank him for his help!

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Great professionals, quick & effective, with a nice human touch.

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I loved working with Minka. She was awesome! Very professional, very efficient!




I had good experience during relocating Luxembourg. Minka was so supportive and nice to me, especially regarding to house finding. But some of the info I got was just superficial. f.g: phone operators, house insurance (just regular info, not so helpful) you need to enrich those parts.

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Great professionals, quick & effective, with a nice human touch.

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They went over and beyond to help me relocate successfully and comfortably. The agent I was assigned had my best interest in mind at all times, she's very knowledgeable and approachable. I have absolutely 0 complaints about LuxRelo and would recommend enlisting their help to anyone looking to move to Luxembourg.

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Mr. Compain is very competent and very strategic in the application process. His agency is trustworthy

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Very friendly, proactive, quick, great service. very happy with my relocation experience & recommend to all.

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I loved the services provided by…

I loved the services provided by LuxRelo. I was assisted every step of the way for my relocation to Luxembourg.

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Excellent Support

Stéphane made our move to Luxembourg straight forward in exceptionally difficult circumstances. We really appreciate their help in finding our housing and support in registration, utilities etc. We would recommend their services to anyone looking to move.

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Relocating from London


Support was good, appropriate, on time and complete

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Excellent partner

Very good service, everything went in a very smooth and easy way. Very proactive attitude that anticipated most of my needs. You feel always guided and "protected" during the different tasks of the relocation process. Excellent work!

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Quality and Kindness

Very nice attitude
Very efficient results

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Working with LuxRelo has been a pleasure and would highly recommend using their services.

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Professional & Reliable Company

The company has been very supportive and goal-oriented
Good job done

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Fantastic Service

Fantastic work done by the LuxRelo team and specifically by Minka during my relocation process. Close follow-up and prompt services/help. They definitely went beyond what I expected and this is not my first relocation. Great work and thanks again!

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Fantastic service and made the move smoother than we could have imagined! Minka and the team were very attentive from the start, helping us define our needs and set the precise requirements for our house search, then regularly updating as new properties arrived on the market and setting up viewings. The whole move went perfectly and all of the tedious administration involved in moving country was handled through the team speedily and with their full support. Great knowledge of the market, the changes from London to Luxembourg and a super friendly, informative and proactive approach. Highly recommended.


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A client moving from the UK


Sandrine was very attentive to our family needs when looking for house and school. Also she made very easy for us the completion of all bureaucratic procedure and her support was extremely precious to us. We thank her very much. 

A client moving from the UK


Thank you so much for all your help all along the way and now!! It's such a pleasure working with you!

A client moving from the US


Relocating in the midst of the covid-19 sanitary crisis seemed almost an undertaking close to be impossible. But the expertise, perseverance and customer orientation of the people at LuxRelo made in happen. 

Always there to go the extra mile when needed and close to their customer to know which little special trick to play. 

All went smooth in the end. Many thanks and good luck for many more relocations to come. 

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A client moving from Switzerland


Hello Sandrine, I really appreciate your passion and your interest, I think this is what makes you great. 

A client moving from Germany


Very Competent


Very competent, kind, professional and always patient with who needs to be relocated soon.


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Relocating from Italy


Very Professional


Very professional, helped me with moving in a very efficient way. Sandrine timely responded to all my questions and supported me throughout the whole moving process. I would highly recommend LuxRelo.

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Relocating from London


Best support!


Me and I'm husband felt fully support during the relocation period. Minka was our main contact and she was very flexible with appointments also in the after work time and very supportive in helping us to take decisions. She was also very prepared on all local information and she gave use very useful tips. Also Sandrine was precious and always there for us. the situation due to the Pandemic required more effort and despite this we always had a strong support.


Relocating to Luxembourg


LuxRelo helped us find our dream apartment.


At the beginning we thought it we would get something "average" but the place they found for us is from the future.


Relocating from Santo Domingo


Very good welcome in Luxembourg with LuxRelo

I had a very positive experience with LuxRelo. The person following my arrival was very supportive from the very beginning and planned in advance and with precision my search for a flat. She followed my brief, was very proactive and helped me and my boyfriend a lot, even when entering in contact with my landlord. I am satisfied about this experience and I would suggest this agency to other people coming to Luxembourg.


Relocating from Italy to Luxembourg


Great job LuxRelo!


Stéphane found me the most wonderful apartment within one week. He continues to support me securing my residency, getting car parking and all the other matters entailed in relocating. His English is perfect and he is a joy to work with.


Relocating from London to Luxembourg


Very good communication and follow-up…


Very good communication and follow-up of action items.
Negotiated successfully on our behalf.
Would recommend!



Relocating from Paris to Luxembourg


The whole process was easy


The whole process was easy, well planned and comfortable.
Really liked and appreciated the coordinated process from submission of documents to appointment and procurement of the residence card.
Keep up the good work!


Relocating from Austria to Luxembourg


Totally the best relocation agency that assist you in everything. Highly recommended


Relocating from Austria to Luxembourg


Sandrine was and continues to be simply fantastic, genuinely an expert in her field and a true asset to your organisation.


Relocating from UK to Luxembourg


​Our consultant was helpful, pro-active and well prepared / professional


Relocating from Germany to Luxembourg


The immigration process was handled smoothly.

They were always available for support and accessible to answer all queries.



Relocating from Germany to Luxembourg


Moving to Luxembourg had been really impossible without Sandrine and LuxRelo!

We are thrilled with how things came out, the understanding, the support and the outcome of it all. The knowledge and the continuous help and usefulness were impeccable!

We wish anyone to have Sandrine when coming to Luxembourg, we couldn't have done this move so smoothly without her. Warmest recommendations from us.


Relocating from Paris to Luxembourg


A big thank you to Sandrine. She was absolutely fantastic and helped me every step of the process.


Relocating from London to Luxembourg


Excellent Relocation Agent

Our relocation agent was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She always got back to us in good time. We would definitely recommend her.


Relocating from USA to Luxembourg


LuxRelo is trust worthy & reliable.


Special thanks to Mr. Stephane Compain & Sandrine Lapointe for their support & guidance, which made it smooth & comfortable to settle down in Luxembourg. Thanks once again for your support

Shiv Karan

Relocating from India to Luxembourg


Excellent relocation service to Luxembourg


Nice and friendly, the team at LuxRelo are all experts in the relocation processes and always do their best to find the best fit for your needs. I would definitely recommend them for anybody who wants to relocate to Luxembourg with peace of mind.


Relocating from Dublin to Luxembourg


Work Permit Renewal

Communication was clear and efficient


Work Permit Renewal


Very good support and consultancy


For what I needed to move to Luxembourg. Sandrine is very kind and explain me everything in a very detailed way.


Relocating from Italy to Luxembourg


Perfect Home Search Experience

Sandrine supported me with the home search. She understood quickly what I am looking for and enabled me to find the perfect apartment in just one day! She was then very helpful helping with the contractual details, exposing me the ins and outs.


Relocating from Finland to Luxembourg


Relocation Life Saviors

I would highly recommend LuxRelo to anyone who is relocating. Experience was great, in the moment when there are too many administrative things to do, stress and rising questions why even bother, provided instructions and support was precious. Very open relationship established as if we have been friends for quite some time. I was trying to think of something to offer as a suggestion to be even better, however cannot think of anything. Keep up the great work!


Relocating from Serbia to Luxembourg


​Sandrine, who was the relocation consultant allotted to me by LuxRelo, was very understanding and helpful. She had quite a bit of experience in handling cases similar to mine, and hence was able to intuit a lot of my requirements. This was extremely useful in making my overall relocation experience smooth.


Relocating from India to Luxembourg


​A very helpful service and a real ability of LuxRelo to consider the client's needs and constraints.


Relocating from France to Luxembourg


We had Great help from your Consultant.


She was prompt, knowledgeable and thoughtful towards our needs. It was amazing that she picked us up from the airport (with all our bags and car seats). She spent some time with us each day (though we would have loved to spent more time with her). She did ground work for us with our house and banking before we got to Luxembourg and was able to trouble shoot for us. Once here, she had great ideas and ways to get things done.

She was SO HELPFUL and we could not speak more highly of her.  Thank you to your team for ALL your help.


Relocating from Tanzania to Luxembourg


Just a few words regarding the relocation services. Today we finished the process of signing the contract of the apartment and the registration at the Commune.

As I told you all services provided by LuxRelo are absolutely above standards. My wife and I felt 10000% supported from day one and all the process has been outstanding. I am copying LuxRelo in this mail to thank them on their great professionalism.


Relocating from United Kingdom to Luxembourg


I would like to express to you my gratitude for selecting LUXRELO for my relocation process.


I strongly recommend LuxRelo, including all staff and expertise involved for the professionalism, knowledge and pragmatic capacity exceeding all expectations regarding my relocation process until now.

Many thanks LuxRelo 


Relocating from Portugal to Luxembourg


​My transition back to the US was very smooth and I did not experience any of the challenges or difficulties I heard about from my peers and colleagues. I also received an email from the apartment owners, and they were very complimentary on how clean the apartment was left.


Relocating from Luxembourg to the US


​A great thanks to Sandrine for her support and particularly for the competence and professionalism. She has been a great facilitator in my relocation


Relocating from Italy


​LuxRelo especially my Consultant have been really helpful and professional. They have organized everything necessary and made the move really easy for us. We still have one outstanding item to tick off but this is due to UK’s HMRC slow response. The consultant would however regularly check in to see how we progress in getting the right forms from them. All in all a wonderful service provided by LuxRelo.


Relocating from London


I have to say the professionalism of Sandrine who handled all the details of finding a suitable place to call home, assisting me with all bureaucracy items making this transition from Romania to Luxembourg appear effortless was tremendous. The quality of her work not only influences me, but my entire family who will be relocating as well, so she has set the premises for a place of the future. My deepest and honest appreciation for Sandrine’s work and dedication.
It was a pleasure benefiting your services and a real success for you.


Relocating from Romania

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Alice - 5 Years Old

Relocating from Italy