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Immigration Update Luxembourg: New Electronic Immigration Procedures Now Available on

Luxembourg | Immigration Update

We are excited to share with you that the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has recently announced the online availability of several electronic immigration procedures on their website,

Starting from July 10, 2023, several procedures can now be carried out online.

These procedures concern:

  • European Union citizens,

  • Third-country nationals who are family members of a European Union citizen,

  • Third-country nationals who hold a residence permit.

The complete list of procedures can be found on the website.

One of the great things about these electronic procedures is that they are accessible both with and without strong authentication. This means that the use of an authentication method such as LuxTrust, electronic identity card (eID), or GouvID is not necessarily required.

However, responses to electronically submitted requests will still be provided by mail.

Currently, the procedures are available in French, but German and English versions will be available online in the coming weeks.

It’s important to note that these proposed procedures target European Union citizens and third-country nationals who already reside in Luxembourg.

Initial requests from people residing abroad are not covered, nor are requests for international protection since these requests require the processing of original documents and are therefore not suitable for electronic submission.

For those who prefer traditional methods, it is still possible to carry out the procedures by mail using the required paper forms, which are also available on the website

These electronic procedures were developed in collaboration with the State Information Technology Center (CTIE), the body responsible for implementing the portal.

We at LuxRelo believe that these new electronic procedures will make the immigration process more convenient and efficient for our clients. As always, we are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding these new procedures.

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