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Administrative Procedures

LuxRelo administrative services helps the assignee to set all his administrative in his new country.


Administrative Services could include

  • EU Residence Authorization Application (Documents are accepted in French, German and English. We can assist for certified translations).

  • Registration at the new town hall of residence for the employee & his family (Visit at the commune is with all members of the family at the same time. Additional cost if separate visits).

  • Co-insurance of family members for social security (public health care).

  • Organize parking permit authorization.

  • Exchange of driving license for NON-EU.

  • Registration of driving license for EU.

  • Assistance with the tax card corrections.

  • Introduction of child allowance application.

  • Assistance with cheque service application.

  • Assistance with registration of pets.

Employee Benefits

  • Support in understanding the complexity of the new country’s administration by having someone helping them through the process.

  • It relieves the administrative burden and stress of relocating.


Corporate Account Benefits

  • Time saving for the mobility/HR department

  • Flexible services tailored to your employees needs and requests.

  • Allows relocating employee to settle in their new life quickly and focus on their job.

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