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School & Crèche Search

LuxRelo assists the employees to assess the suitability/availability of crèches/schools both Public and Private in Luxembourg and accompany them to school appointments and registration. Getting the correct crèche/school is essential to a smooth relocation process.


This crèche/school search includes

  • Complete need analysis

  • Combines phone consultation and research

  • Organise crèche/school tours.

  • Set up appointments with head admissions.

  • Supply information regarding the registration process.

  • Inform employee on the deadline


Employees Benefits

  • Overview of the crèches/schooling options in Luxembourg

  • Research based on children age, language and schooling history

  • Advice on the different offers


Corporate Account Benefits

  • Time saving for the mobility/HR department

  • Local intelligence of the Luxemburgish crèche/school systems

  • Independent advice

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