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EuRA, the European Relocation Association, was formed in 1998 with the aim of promoting the benefits of professionally managed relocation and mobility services to companies with globally mobile employees. The relocation process is one of the most difficult times for an employee or family involving intense change on a work, life and cultural basis. Professional relocation suppliers not only save companies money, in that they have a far greater ability to accurately negotiate expenses on behalf of their clients, they also provide a seamless transition for the employee from one role to the next, promoting effective and swift productivity for the company.



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The American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg A.S.B.L. (AMCHAM) is an international voluntary organization of business and professional persons committed to fostering business relations between the United States and Luxembourg, promoting cross-cultural understanding and enhancing the quality of life of Americans and other expatriates who live and work in the Grand Duchy.



The British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg is an English-speaking forum for contact and communication among decision makers, opinion formers and participants in Luxembourg's local and international business communities. Membership encompasses a wide range of nationalities and is open to any commercial enterprise or business person for whom the English language is an essential business tool. The Chamber's objectives are to follow and influence developments in the economic and business world in Luxembourg affecting members' interests, and so contribute to making Luxembourg an attractive place to do business, and to promote trade between Britain and Luxembourg. 



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The China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (“ChinaLux”) was founded on May 31st 2013. ChinaLux provides a supporting role in bilateral trade and cultural ties between China and Luxembourg. To organise, activate, motivate, promote and support China-Luxembourg-related trade initiatives and events - such as meetings, workshops and conferences - in order to capture long term opportunities, with a regular focus on areas of mutual interest to accelerate these opportunities. To build a knowledge base for ChinaLux Members containing useful information regarding economic missions, contact persons with access to China, service propositions, brochures, etc. To provide members with assistance in contacting official bodies in China, Luxembourg and other countries, as well as international or national organisations in respect of Chinese inbound and outbound activities. 



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As a professional chamber and public institution encompassing all sectors of business other than agriculture and crafts (Chambre des Métiers), the Chamber of Commerce sees its rationale and role as guardian of the interests of its member companies. Since these may in some cases pursue divergent sectorial interests, the Chamber of Commerce, in a spirit of fairness to all its members, sees its primary mission in the articulation, representation and defence of the interests of all its members. Sectorial interests are only pursued if they do not conflict with the interests of the other member companies of the Chamber.

Today, the Chamber of Commerce has some 90,000 affiliated members, accounting for 75% of total employment and representing 80% of GDP.



LuxRelo | Chambre de Commerce Luxembourgg

Le Paperjam Club est le club d'affaires du magazine Paperjam, premier média économique et financier du Luxembourg et de Maison Moderne, premier groupe média indépendant du Grand-Duché.

Le Club est une plateforme incontournable au Luxembourg, offrant à ses membres une variété d’événements de qualité, leur permettant de s’instruire, de s’inspirer et de faire de nouvelles connaissances, à travers du networking. Le Club est aussi agrée par le ministère de l’Economie en tant qu’organisme de formation professionnelle continue et membre de la plateforme lifelong-learning.lu

Le Club aujourd'hui est composé de plus de 800 entreprises adhérentes et plus de 5000 membres exécutifs. Sur une saison plus de 180 opportunités sont organisées pour permettre à nos membres de développer leur réseau professionnel, d'enrichir leur connaissances et compétences et renforcer ainsi leur entreprise.


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