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Set-Up a Company

in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg is an attractive location to set-up a business.

Authorizations and legal issues should be dealt with as early as possible in the process of creating a company. They are crucial for the launch of your activity and the demand for financial aids. In order to incorporate your company, you will need to choose a legal structure for your firm and define its articles of association (statutes), block your share capital, register with the trade and companies register, define your trading name, obtain a business permit and, in some cases, also an operating permit. In addition, you should check what tax regulations apply to you.


The choice of the legal form of a business is of vital importance because this choice has a significant influence on the future operation and structure of the business.


The entrepreneur must first choose between:

  • A sole proprietorship;

  • A commercial company.

Preliminary steps:

In order to choose the most suitable legal form for a business project, the project must first be clearly defined at different levels:

  • Nature of the planned business activity;

  • Amount of capital to invest;

  • Willing to go for a partnership or not;

  • Respective commitments of the stakeholders;

  • Links between the stakeholders (trust, family or financial);

  • Strategic objectives of the business, etc.

How we can help:

  • Incorporation of the company

  • Choice of structure

  • Coordination and support with external stakeholders (bank, notary, etc.)

  • Establishment Authorization

  • Support in building your Business Plan

  • Provision of a head office (office or domiciliation)

  • Shareholders' agreement

  • VAT registration

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