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Departure Assistance

LuxRelo Departure Program is designed to ensure all required documentation and follow up is completed in conjunction with or on behalf of the transferee prior to departure from Luxembourg.


Departure includes

  • Consultation with employee to confirm departure date and identify assistance required

  • Assist transferee to cancel lease with landlord and forward documentation to client for payment (if applicable)

  • Counsel transferee in disconnection of utilities pending departure date

  • Provide check out inspection of rental accommodations and report damages to client contact

  • Arrange final utility bills to be forwarded to transferees new address or client contact

  • Arrange cleaning & repairs if needed and requested

  • Arrange key handover

  • Assist with return of deposits


Employee Benefits

  • Take out the administrative process and burden of closing the home

  • Allows the employee and his family to focus on their return home.

  • Our relocation specialist acts as liaison between tenant, landlord, and third party suppliers.

  • Assistance and guidance through the lease termination, check out inspection of the property, and any other closing down requirements of the home.


Corporate Account Benefits

  • Reduce workload and gives peace of mind to the mobility/HR department

  • Move out inspection performed to ensure employer or transferee will not be liable for erroneous claims and charges made by the landlord.

  • Relocation Specialist acts as an objective party to determine responsibilities.

  • Relocation Specialist provides documentation on the move out inspection and any services that must be completed.

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