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Spousal Assistance

Relocations often fail when a dual-career spouse or partner is unable to find the right job in a new community or country

At LuxRelo we work with specialist partner support providers to take into account the spouse’s specific requirements to help them integrate into their new life. 

Our Services could include

  • Online coaching and assistance

  • One-on-one Career Coach (matched specifically to an individual’s needs and based on the destination country)

  • CV/ Resumé and Cover Letter Development

  • Interview Review and Recording with Career Coach

  • Networking Assistance with Target Companies

  • Customized Job Search Research Support

  • Social Media Guidance

  • Proactive Strategy for Targeting Companies

  • We also understand that, depending on where in the world your transferees move to, securing a new job or finding ways to continue their career can be challenging. Our spousal job search programs provide personalized career support to help job seekers prepare for and conduct an effective a job search in the new country. We also help individuals explore other career options when conventional employment is not possible.

Corporate Account Benefits

  • Reduce workload and gives peace of mind to the mobility/HR department.

  • Employee are free to focus on their new job without worrying about their spouse

  • Supporting assignee’s partner increases the chances of a successful assignment

  • Employees and their partner will feel happier in the location

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