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Important Update: Luxembourg Increases Minimum Salary Requirements for EU Blue Card Holders

Luxembourg has recently made changes to the minimum salary requirements for EU Blue Card holders. These changes, introduced through the Ministerial regulation of March 15, 2024, will be applicable as of March 24, 2024.

What is the EU Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card is a work/residence permit that allows highly skilled non-EU nationals to live and work in Luxembourg. It is specifically designed for professionals in fields such as IT, engineering, healthcare, and finance. The card provides access to the European labor market and facilitates mobility within the Schengen Area.

The New Salary Thresholds

Under the updated regulations, the minimum annual salary requirements for EU Blue Card applicants have been adjusted. Here are the key changes:

  1. Regular Occupations:

  • The new minimum salary level for regular occupations is EUR 88'452 per year. This applies to professionals working in various sectors, including those not facing labor shortages.

  • If you’re pursuing a career in a regular occupation, this increased threshold ensures that you meet the necessary income criteria.

  1. Shortage Occupations:

  • For shortage occupations—where there is a high demand for skilled workers—the minimum salary requirement has been set at EUR 70'762 per year.

  • These shortage occupations must be in one of the following professions and for which the government has noticed a particular need to employ third-country nationals: - Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians; - Systems analysts; - Software developers; - Web and multimedia developers; - Application programmers; - Software and application developers and analysts, multimedia developers not listed elsewhere; - Database designers and administrators; - System administrators; - Computer network professionals; - Database and network professionals not classified elsewhere.

Implications and Considerations

  • Existing EU Blue Card Holders: If you already hold an EU Blue Card, you won’t be affected by these changes until your card expires. For the renewal of the work permit after March 24, 2024 the salary must be increased to comply with the new minimum annual salary.

  • New Applicants: Aspiring EU Blue Card applicants must now meet the revised salary thresholds. Ensure that your employment contract reflects the updated figures.

  • Employers and HR Professionals: Employers hiring non-EU nationals should be aware of the new requirements. Compliance with the salary thresholds is crucial to successful EU Blue Card applications.

This change reflects the increase in the cost of living in Luxembourg and ensures that individuals holding an EU Blue Card can maintain a reasonable standard of living in the country.

Staying Updated

To stay informed about any further updates or modifications, regularly check the official website of the Luxembourg government and resources provided by immigration service providers. The landscape of immigration policies can evolve, so vigilance is key.

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