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LuxRelo Celebrates 7 Years of Success!

We are thrilled to share with you that yesterday we celebrated our 7th year in business! 🎉

Our company LuxRelo provides relocation services to individuals and businesses who want to move to Luxembourg or abroad. We help our clients with everything from finding a new home, to settling in, to dealing with administrative and legal issues.

We are proud of what we have achieved in these 7 years, and we are grateful for the trust and support of our team, customers, partners and friends. You are the reason why we do what we do, and why we love what we do. 💕

Due to the covid pandemic, we could not celebrate our 5th birthday as we wanted, but we were happy to finally gather everyone together for a memorable evening yesterday. We enjoyed some delicious food and drinks, a fun presentation by David Holland from Result Rules OK and a raffle. It was a night full of laughter, joy and gratitude. 🥂

We want to thank everyone who joined us for this special occasion, and everyone who sent us their warm wishes and congratulations. You made us feel appreciated and valued. 🙏

We also want to thank our amazing team for their hard work, dedication and passion. You are the backbone of our company, and you always go the extra mile to deliver the best service possible. You are not only colleagues, but also friends and family. We are lucky to have you. 👏

As we look back on our journey so far, we are proud of how far we have come, but we also know that there is still so much more to do. We have big dreams and goals for the future, and we are confident that with your continued support and collaboration, we will achieve them together. 💯

We are excited for the year ahead, and we hope you are too. We promise to keep providing you with the highest quality relocation services, and to keep improving and innovating every day. We also promise to keep having fun along the way, because that’s what makes life worth living. 😊

Thank you for being part of our LuxRelo family. We hope to see you soon!

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