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"Networking and Inspiring: LuxRelo's Busy Week of Connections and Growth"

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

From sponsoring the Silicon Luxembourg Founders Cocktail to taking part in seminars and presentations, LuxRelo had a jam-packed week of networking events. LuxRelo had the chance to network with other experts, exchange ideas, and learn about pertinent subjects at the events.


The Silicon Luxembourg Founders Cocktail was sponsored by LuxRelo on Tuesday, and co-founder Sandrine Lapointe took part in a panel discussion about entrepreneurship. Sandrine contributed her knowledge and experiences to the conversation on launching a business with her spouse at the age of 50. The event was also attended by LuxRelo's relocation manager, David Soum, who took pleasure to network and meet new people. As one of the event sponsor, LuxRelo was able to demonstrate its dedication to networking and entrepreneurship. Overall, the event gave LuxRelo an excellent chance to network with other industry experts, learn from their experiences, and further establish its reputation as a key participant in the startup landscape.

Meanwhile, Stéphane Compain, CEO of LuxRelo, was invited as a guest to a workshop hosted by PWC Luxembourg on improving networking skills, presented by Girls in Tech Luxembourg and Know Thy Brand. The event offered a variety of insightful information and networking best practices. The majority of the 60 attendees were female, and they came to hear the panelists discuss essential topics like not trying to sell when you networks, learning as much as possible from others, the importance of being yourself, and how vital it is to smile even if you're shy. Overall, the event was a huge success and provided LuxRelo with a terrific opportunity to further growing its network and influence.


Sandrine and Stéphane attended a presentation on the subject of "hire or inspire" on Wednesday given by Christian Lepsien, the Managing Director of Artevie, and Marco Houwen, the founder of Zentrapreneur. Christian went into more detail on the difficulties in finding IT specialists as well as the value of creating a strong business culture that supports flexible scheduling options and tailoring job postings to draw in and keep top talent. He stressed how important it is to attract candidates' attention with unique, tailored job advertising that reflect the organization's beliefs and objectives.

Marco emphasized the need of building a proper corporate culture that inspires and motivates staff members at all levels as he continued the conversation. He advised attendees to search within the organization for talent and concentrate on coordinating their personal and professional objectives. He underlined that CEOs must be accountable for establishing the company's culture and must inspire and motivate the entire organization in order to drive their staff. Instead of depending exclusively on conventional benefits like foosball or yoga rooms, Marco underlined the importance of developing a people-centric approach that encourages employee satisfaction and retention.


Stéphane, travelled to Geneva on Friday for a meeting with Eric Szilassy from Convergo and Maxime Boisnard from MRS Management. The industry of international relocation and its anticipated state in 2023 were the main topics of debate. The gathering served as a useful forum for Stéphane to learn about the market, comprehend current trends, and build beneficial networks with other industry experts.

The impact of the pandemic, the increase of remote work, and the rising demand for individualized and flexible relocation services were just a few of the topics covered in-depth during the discussion of various industry trends. Stéphane was especially interested in the most recent technical advancements and how LuxRelo could use them to improve its services and products.

The discussion was fruitful and helped LuxRelo in maintaining a good overview in terms of market trends and industry developments.

Conclusion of the week

LuxRelo had a very busy week thanks to our participation in a number of networking events that gave us the chance to gain knowledge, exchange viewpoints, and establish connections with other experts in various areas. As a company dedicated to constant development, we excitedly look forward to going to upcoming events in order to stay current on the most recent business trends and advancements.

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